Ethos & Purpose

We are not a replacement for Supervising Social Workers, we are not here to challenge a care plan. It is not for APAC to intervene, interrupt or involve itself in any child or young person’s provision, but to listen, support, encourage and empower; to ‘put a collective arm around’ Carers and Parents of Social Care Experienced Children and Young People to engage with the child’s plan or young person’s pathway; this having been developed through due process by Courts and Statutory Services. It is vital that this is understood by all.

Mission statement

As an organisation we put a collective arm around those parents and carers, working within the framework of public services. We support their aim to maintain professional standards whilst promoting a sense of family for their fostered or adopted children and young people.

Our aim is to support, guide, and care for Parents and Carers of Social Care Experienced (SCE) children and young people, in line with the Paramountcy Principle* and Government Guidance*, thereby complimenting Fostering and Adoption Services.

According to Ofsted, during 2019 to 2020, despite the increase in enquiries, there was a 10% decrease (8,805) in the number of successful applications to become a foster carer compared with 2018 to 2019 (9,740). There was also a staggering 20% of approved households unwilling/unavailable to take placements, for reasons including Carers taking a break/pending resignation (2,950) and Carers under investigation (750) but the biggest group were 4,025 “Carer reasons not specified”. (National Statistics; Fostering in England 2019-2020 November 2020). Our aim is to improve this situation significantly, thereby narrowing or closing the 8,000 gap in provision widely recognised as a trend over the years. Within our commissioned service we can investigate why Services are not utilising their resources to the full, (see APAC Review) increasing placement stability and choice.

We will also contribute to the National Adoption Strategy, launched to increase and improve diversity for children in need of Adoption Services. Although, according to the Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board (ASGLB) there has been a decline over the last 4 years in Adoptive Families coming forward; for those who do, we are committed to walking alongside prospective adoptees on Services’ behalf and improving conversion rates. The RT Hon Gavin Williamson MP press release 26/7/21 promises a £48m investment, we will help qualify your grant application. Please and see the APAC Services Review for our bespoke package of Adoption Support Services.  

APAC proposes to make available to its members the often weighty research papers in summarised form (see for example ‘matching’) and provide opportunities to join in the Nation debate which influences Central Government and Local Authority budget priorities.  Use the APAC Forum to raise awareness on subjects that have caught your attention or comment on blogs posted by Central Office, e.g. The Review of Children’s Social Care taking place currently (see ‘Feedback Case for Change 20th Oct 2021) or the presentation made via Public Policy Exchange by Debra Gibbs, watch in Blog January 2022.

In addition to our mission, we have written the APAC Promise which we encourage all members and associates to sign up to.

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