Adoption Peer Support and Conversion increase

16 December 2021

Thousands of families are said to receive better support when adopting children through a new strategy to tackle the postcode lottery and break down barriers to creating permanent, stable and loving homes as quickly as possible. The RT Hon Gavin Williamson MP gave this guidance for Local Authorities, and in his press release 26/7/21 promised a £48m investment.

The Government has made the pledge that during 2021-2022;

  • Improve the recruitment of adopters and the adopter approval process so we have the adopters we need for the children waiting.
  • Increase the number of children put forward for Early Permanence placements.
  • Continue to support families through the Adoption Support Fund.
  • Fund a new RAA strategic leader post and a support team of two project workers to progress collaborative RAA working.
  • Longer-term proposals they will consider for post 2021-22 include:
  • Explore how to support the RAA leaders to trial and set a framework of national standards in all areas of recruitment, matching and support.
  • Consider developing processes and procedures on family finding and matching including considering the value of creating a national matching service.
  • Explore the value of national or pan-regional approaches to delivering and commissioning some adoption support services.
  • Consider how to build on the success of the Adoption Support Centres of Excellence currently operating in two RAAs.

As part of Assurance Parents and Carers commitment to ‘put a collective arm’ around Foster Carers, Kinship Carers, Adoptive Parents, SGO Parents and Shared Care carers we are also pleased to promote local co-ordination and signposting as part of our role; sometimes all you need is a knowledgeable friend to share your thoughts with.

Adoption UK Community Groups provide members with opportunities to connect, socialise and support each other. You can join at any stage of the approvals process. Groups are run by volunteers who are experienced adopters and their aim is for every adoptive family in the UK to have access to a fun, supportive, peer support network in their local area. Follow this link to find local groups.

Local Authorities: As Corporate members APAC can support your grant application and provide the Assurance of an extra layer of local support to your Adopters in waiting.


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