Allegations and Complaints against Foster Carers

13 December 2021

Assurance: Parents and Carers is an interactive high-end discussion and support group for Foster Carers, Kinship Carers, Shared Care Carers, pre-Adoption Parents and Parents with Special Guardianship Orders. We operate locally across the United Kingdom and are actively seeking Franchisees to represent us in every Post Code area. Our aim is to apply an additional layer of support to Carers and Parents looking after Social Care Experienced Children and Young People, thus assisting local Children’s Social Care Teams.

Allegations and complaints can be extremely distressing. Allegations and complaints can cause placement disruption and for carers to resign. Part of our remit is to reduce this distress. It is estimated that 735 (4%) of Foster Carers in England alone* were under investigation in March 2020. This is outside the 24% (17,200) described as ‘not available – carers reasons’ and the backdrop National Foster Carer Recruitment Crisis. More choice is needed to match children with families to prevent allegations and disruptions.

Assurance Parents and Carers (APAC) have developed a unique Insurance cover with Cass Stephens/InsureWithCare to reduce the stress of allegations. Foster Carers told us that one of the most stressful elements was being suspended and therefore not being able to meet their household expenses, we offer this cover as part of our ‘placing a collective arm around’ Parents and Carers in order to stabilise this much needed resource. Find out more at

*Ofsted, Fostering in England 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 (12.11.20)


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