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£2,800 Annual recurring payments

Corporate Members should expect improved outcomes for their children and young people, better Foster Carer retention, Adoption conversion rates, and Staff satisfaction.



By putting a collective arm around your Local Authority we will add a ‘best value’ layer of support to complement your provision. Agreeing to Foster or Adopt a child is a big step, and parents/carers need a friend to walk alongside. The assessment process can be scary, we have all seen the Government figures about conversion rates, both in Fostering (including Kinship Care) and Adoption. Once approved, the challenge of meeting National Standards, providing loving family care, and weathering the storm of allegations can mean you lose more carers than you recruit.

This is frustrating for staff and stressful, which creates a downward spiral and higher churn rates. Before you know it, you are looking to employ agency staff to try to meet Government targets, sound familiar? But even more frustrated are the children and young people who may have just learned to trust the Adults around them to find themselves swept away

We know that budgets are under strain and Community preventative strategies, favoured by Parents and Social Workers are being side-lined for more expensive Statutory Services, with poor take-up and poor familial change. Our Franchise model will place the right people in the right place at the right time to liaise with local providers and families with less associated stigma, freeing up your Teams to practice their Social Work craft. WE have put this model forward to Josh MacCalister at the Case for Change Review. Please spend a moment of your busy day to look at the APAC website in more detail. Believe in better.

Benefits of becoming a corporate member include:

  • Assurance:Parents and Carers (APAC) Membership in any territory can be boosted by Services’ paying for their Foster Carers, Adoptive Parents, Kinship Carers and Special Guardians. APAC Membership is an additional layer of support, independent of the Agency but working alongside and sharing the same goals. Services sign up here or speak to your local Franchisee to be listed as a Gold Standard Partner and receive a corporate discount on membership of 50 or more Parents and Carers for the first year.

  • Services may also benefit from a one-off health check from APAC Marketing expert Jo Reynolds. Working alongside Central Office and your local Franchisee, Jo will identify and address areas of your recruitment campaign which will benefit from re-imagining. Taking a fresh look as others might see it, to revitalise and reinvigorate your campaign for a fraction of the cost involved in starting over. At Central Office, Debra Gibbs will question approved parents and carers to identify areas for development which maximises their potential as an asset for your service and values their ideas.

  • Annual independent review of your policies and practices.
  • Marketing advice that helps you drive recruitment in your area.
  • Support retaining your carers with access to our APAC Membership.
  • Access to a unique insurance policy provided only to APAC members by Insure with Care
  • The opportunity to sign up to the APAC Promise, and license to use the logo on your marketing.
  • Access to bespoke and unique training and support opportunities only accessible through APAC.
  • A community that works together to support carers, families and young people across the country.
  • Membership feedback reviews that give you a picture of how your people rate your service.
  • Bulk buy discount of nearly 50% for 50 APAC members which in turn benefits the Fostering Service Recruitment, Retention, Availability and Placement Choice.

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